Our Story

"You know it's a Rich Gems piece just by looking... and you'll never see anything else quite like it"

Rich Gems enjoys a long history as the leader in designing, crafting and selling exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewelry in Myanmar using only the purest stones and metals.

Our prestige is earned by remaining true to our focus: inimitable, high-quality design with a unique Myanmar twist and impeccable craftsmanship.

Every one of our pieces is breathtaking, creative, and exclusive.

Rich Gems started with a vision... which we still see today

Since childhood, Daw Lu Lu was fascinated by the arts and jewelry.

Inspired by the intricacy and complexity of a flawless piece and determined to bring a different approach to a long and venerated tradition in Myanmar culture, Daw Lu Lu assembled a team of skilled designers and craftsmen to launch The Rich Gems in 1996.

Her vision was to offer carefully-designed and individually-crafted pieces of jewelry of unparalleled elegance and quality.

Under Daw Lu Lu's supervision, Rich Gems continues to produce bespoke jewelry with a distinctly Myanmar influence.

Our Story

The Rich Gems is the strongest jewelry brand in Myanmar, with two locations in Yangon, a third set to open in Nay Pyi Daw and a name that is on the lips of Myanmar's movers and shakers.

Our prestige is earned through the pedigree and professionalism of our business: we use only the highest quality stones and materials sourced across the world, a proven crafting process and rigorous quality assurance. We also listen to our customers, provide the best service we can and offer personal design and crafting using your own stone.

Our dedicated team of highly-experienced and trained designers, crafters and gemologists have carefully fashioned an extensive collection of breathtaking jewelry for the most important occasions in your life.

Wearable on their own or with each other, each Rich Gems item of jewelry is like a snowflake - the only one of its kind in the world.

Rich Gems In Myanmar Society

The Rich Gems' reputation and profile is cultivated through the quality of its jewelry and our visibility at events.

In 2012, our 'Dressed To The Nines' event was the highlight of the Myanmar social calendar, attracting people from across Myanmar society and celebrating the fusion of celebrity, fashion and jewelry.

As Myanmar opens up to the outside world, we have ensured our presence at jewelry fairs held in Myanmar and internationally. In addition, our Nay Pyi Daw showroom, set to open in early 2014, will allow even greater access and opportunity for viewing and purchasing beautiful Myanmar jewelry, and indeed for people to take back home with them a small piece of Myanmar.

Rich Gems' History

The Rich Gems launched

First Rich Gems store opened in downtown Yangon


U Wisara Road Showroom opened

Rich Gems moves its showroom and operations to the property now at U Wisara Road


Second showroom opens at Junction Square

Now one of Yangon's leading jewelry stores, Rich Gems opens a second branch at Junction Square, opposite a busy and popular shopping mall


Nay Pyi Daw showroom set to open

To better cater to the international community and bring our fine craftsmanship and unique pieces to the world's attention, Rich Gems will open a third showroom in Myanmar's capital, Nay Pyi Daw