We are The ‘Rich’ Gems on account of the richness of each and every piece of our beautiful Myanmar jewelry. We combine exquisite design, breathtaking detail and expert craftsmanship with consummate passion.

Our rigorous and well-established design and crafting system meets international standards. You can rest assured that your unique piece of jewelry is the only one of its kind in the world – just for you and made to last.

Our intention is to offer you jewelry that embodies fashion, value, investment and legacy, all in the same piece. Wear it once or wear it often. Pass it down to your children. Protect your wealth against inflation. For centuries, jewelry proved incredibly diverse in its value and use. Nothing has changed.

Learn how our Myanmar jewelry is made with our 3-step process.

Beautiful jewelry is born in the mind of a gifted designer

Sketch of Rich Gems beautiful Myanmar jewelry design It comes into existence when pen is put to paper. Our design process captivates the imagination and turns ideas into reality.

The Rich Gems works with established, trusted and experience jewelry designers to visualize innovative designs. We utilize only the purest metals and stones to keep our jewelry at the forefront of style, fashion and innovation.

Anyone can draw. But not everyone can turn a design into reality. We do.

Features of our designs include careful but prominent use of the purest, most valuable metals, including 18k gold and white gold. You want your jewelry to last, so our pieces are plated with palladium and iridium, to ensure that there is no tarnish or susceptibility to scratches.

All stones are handpicked and sourced – we don’t believe wholesale or bulk purchasing benefits the customer or inspires passion in our design and crafting team.

Sometimes, a customer will want to use their own stone – it may be rare, or simply incredibly meaningful for our customer. In which case, we design the setting around the stone that is both complementary and ensures the stone’s prominence.

Made With Love

Supervised by our experienced goldsmiths, the crafting and setting process is exclusively manual – machines can’t replicate the passion in the hand of the skilled craftsman.

We source and use only the finest stones, including Myanmar rubies and jade. Each stone is individually scrutinized with a powerful microscope for flaws and cleanliness.

Myanmar jewelry polishingWhen the setting is crafted, rigorous hand-polishing ensures a very smooth and scratch-free piece. Then it is ready for plating.

Quality assurance is the final – and most important – part of our process

Setting diamond in Myanmar jewelry No piece is offered to the public without a rigorous, detailed and exhausting quality assurance process, performed to exacting specifications.

To ensure attention to detail, one experienced expert each is responsible for discrete stages of the QA process.

Following crafting and quality checking, each and every piece receives a final inspection and sign-off by Daw Lu Lu, the owner of The Rich Gems with over 30 years’ experience in jewelry.

Each item has individual characteristics even if the design is similar. Like art, reflect the passion of the creator.

The stone is carefully checked to ensure that it is properly set and reflects the quality expected of a Rich Gems’ jewelry piece.

World-class design, crafting and quality assurance results in a timeless masterpiece

Finished piece of beautiful Myanmar jewelryPlease explore our Jewelry Collections to see a small sample of the finished articles.